Watch Live Algorithmic
Investing Conference

✅ Expiry Trading Room

Dec 26th - Dec 30th 2022

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Watch Live Algorithmic
Investing Conference

✅ Expiry Trading Room

Dec 26th - Dec 30th 2022

Winter sale Rs.349/

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Online Conference !

Marketsleague is an Open forum for ALGO Trading community to exchange knowledge,skills & insights that makes you enlightened towards your Investing /Trading journey, A Biannual online conference that spans across 5 days inviting recognised and renowned speakers from across the globe sharing their wisdom and knowledge in building algorithm and trading systems and converting them into codes with various programming languages for Equity/Index & Crypto Hedging and executing them in Realtime feed during the market hours. Here the GENIE comes out of the Bottle!

Join our conference to find your own Holy Grail!

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Marketsleague Presents LIVE Algorithmic Trading Conference

Markets League is an open forum to bring together the industry-leading markets as a forum for traders in a biannual online conference that spans five days. Read More

Event Highlights

Finding the right stocks with potential CAGR.

Determine the Intrinsic value of the stocks.

Approaching the market at any time to enter and exit with a profitable trade.

Applying Quantitative Analysis to Hedge the portfolio value.

Last Editions

ON-Demand Mentorship

Hand Shake of Equities and Derivatives for Perfect Portfolio Hedging

Compounding Portfolio Capital by Hedging the Stocks in Derivative segment and Non Derivative Stocks with Index Derivatives

Portfolio Rebalancing on Quarterly/Annual Basis for consistent growth

Excuslusive Training on Investing Strategy construction with Equities/Debts/ETFs


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


10 : 00 am - 11 : 00 am

Rakesh Pujara

Risk Management and Portfolio building theory

11 : 01 am - 12 : 00 noon

Puneet tewani

Trend View for Finifty Feb & March Series

12 : 01 pm - 01 : 00 pm

Rachit seth

Stock and Mutual Funds Picking for Trending Growth

01 : 01 pm - 02 : 00 pm

Mr.Sathish Kumar

Equity/Mutual Fund Pledging for Hedging Portfolio

02 : 01 pm - 02 : 30 pm

Panel Discussion

Equity vs Derivatives trading

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


10 : 00 am - 11 : 00 am

Rakesh Pujara

Risk Management and Portfolio building theory

11 : 01 am - 12 : 00 noon

Puneet tewani

Trend View for Finifty Feb & March Series

12 : 01 pm - 01 : 00 pm

Rachit seth

Stock and Mutual Funds Picking for Trending Growth

01 : 01 pm - 02 : 00 pm

Mr.Sathish Kumar

Equity/Mutual Fund Pledging for Hedging Portfolio

02 : 01 pm - 02 : 30 pm

Panel Discussion

Equity vs Derivatives trading

Meet the Speakers

The Oracles of Financial Wisdom

Mr. Rajat Dutta

  • I often accompanied my stockbroker father to his office, Little did I know then, those sessions were going to shape my career and to a large extent, my life. It was more than mere chance that I ‘found’ trading; it was more of a subconscious initiation.

  • Made my first million at the age of 19 in just seven months only to lose it all in 7 days. “Highway to hell but staircase to heaven, eh?! I learnt a valuable lesson very early in my career; it’s not just about getting rich but it’s mostly about staying rich. I took this incident to be my vantage point and began my humble journey to scale the insurmountable Everest of knowledge. It has been a long road since then, great fortune to be able to write such rule in the world of stocks & trades. 

Mr Amit Kumar Gupta

  • Amit Kumar Gupta has over a decade experience in investment analysis and portfolio management. He believes Scuttlebutt, a primary research method employed, is critical to select good companies and weed out not-so-good ones. He is of the opinion that best stock ideas are often cracked by being on the ground - during travelling and talking to people. As SEBI registered Research analyst and Founder of Fintrekk capital, he provides subscription based equity research services in indentifying emerging and fundamentally strong business.

  • He had set up research desk at a brokerage firm across multiple asset classes. He has been a PMS and Smallcase manager as well.

Mr. Raghav Wadhwa

  • Chartered Accountant

  • SEBI Registered Research Analyst, Founder of a Research Analysis firm Samar Wealth

  • Trading and investing in Equity Markets for more than 10 years.

  • I believe understanding the structure of market is of utmost importance and this separates a Profitable trader from a loss making one.

Mr. Santosh Pasi

  • He is the founder of Pasi Technologies & Sonic Alpha

  • He has been a trader in the Indian stock markets with an overall experience of 15 years, specializing in Options Trading while focusing on volatility.

  • He is a non-directional option strategy trader, considering volatility as an edge using both system (algo trading) and discretionary

  • He manages the tool OptionsOracle, an options strategy analysis tool.

  • He has also trained over 1000+ participants across India and other parts of the world.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Jain

  • Co - Founder & Director - (Leading Equity, Commodity & Currency Broker in India)

  • Member of Exclusive panel of Analysts on Zee Business

  • Winner of CNBC Awaaz Champion of the year

  • Secretary of Rajasthan Exchange Members Association(REMA)

  • Chairman - Event & Seminar Committee at Commodity Participants Association of India (CPAI)

Mr. Vihaan singh

  • I'm Vihan Singh, founder & CEO of Blackrose Technologies (, an Indian technology company involved in high-frequency trading, online education, cloud computing, big data analytics, and high-performance computing.

  • Trading and investing are fast becoming technology-dominated domains where those on the cutting-edge outpace, outmaneuver and outperform the competition. If you would like to partake in the digital evolution and take your trading to the next level, Blackrose is at your service.

Mr. Kushal Jain

  • Kushal is the CEO of AlgoFox & Purple Trades.
    He has been trading and investing in Indian market since 8+ years and recognised by Zee Business.

  • he has also been a guest faculty in 40+ colleges in Bangalore and was awarded as youngest technical analyst 2015 by ZEE-BUSINESS. Currently he is managing a portfolio of 1.5cr

  • In last 3 years he have developed 3000+ Algorithms for our clients and have provided free stock market course to 10,000+ individuals

Mr. Rakesh Pujara

  • Founder and Managing Partner at Compounding Wealth Advisors LLP

  • Rakesh has over 25 years of trading and investment experience in the Indian equity markets.

  • In the initial part of his career he worked in the Finance departments of different firms in diamond, exports and media industries. In 1999 he joined Shree Naman Securities & Finance as a Finance Manager. In 2002, he established the proprietary trading desk at Naman and grew it to be the major contributor of the firm’s revenue.

Mr. Ashish Bahety

  • Director of NAV Investment Research Pvt Ltd & Quant-xpress Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Providing Algorithm and Electronic Trading solutions for Several Hedge funds & Proprietary Trading Desk.

  • He has worked with JP Morgan Bank and Jaypee Capital as a Analyst and Portfolio Manager. Has worked in Singapore and has traded US, London, and Indian Markets. Having a total Experience of 13 years in Capital Markets.

Mr. Varun Agarwal

  • Founder of Quant Scientist Fintech Pvt. Ltd.

  • An Author, Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Professor He is multi-skilled professional with experience in Corporate and Administration fields. He has over 14 years of Corporate training experience in the field of finance & provides training for CFA, MBA, Stock Market(Derivatives, Fundamental & Technical Analysis) & various other financial subjects.

  • He is an entrepreneur with dedication towards teaching & committed towards education.

Mr. Abhijit Phatak

  • Abhijit Phatak is a SEBI certified Research Analyst and has been studying and trading on the basis of charts since 2003-2004.

  • He has developed a unique method of identifying what the market is upto on the basis of charts of Options, and also straddles, OI of options and Put Call ratio at various strike prices. He has observed on many occasions how options charts have a different story to tell, sometimes exactly opposite to what the chart of the underlying is showing.

Mr. Hasmukh Prajapti

  • Hasmukh B Prajapati is registered on BSE as an authorised person.

  • Hasmukh B Prajapati uses Algo tools to help you in share trading in Equity segments.

  • He is a professional Amibroker system trader using AFL coding and has a decade experience on the same.

Mr. B Damodharan

  • Founder of Tradebees Trading & Training Academy P Ltd (2021) & Tanish Capital (2014).

  • Started training on Technical Analysis from 2012 and trained more than 1000 traders.

  • Capital Management Service since 2014

  • Trading Strategies and Methodology based on OI since 2014

  • Live Training & Trading on Intra Options since 2015

  • Live Training & Trading on Expiry Day options since 2018

  • Mentoring Professional Traders since 2019

Mr. Jaynesh Kasliwal

  • Engineer , MBA Aspirant .Nism Certified

  • Featured In Samco Securities, Strategiest at AlgoBulls Twitter 30k , YouTube 5kCash Swing Trader and Intraday Option Seller.

  • A Professional Trader handling Propdesk Funds worth 20 Crores

Mr. Nikhil Gangil

  • Nikhil Gangil is the founder of Intrinsic Value Equity Advisors.

  • He is a student of Value investing and comes with 9+ years of experience in the market.

  • Nikhil obtained his from IIT MADRAS. He has worked with many reputed Oil and gas EPC companies like L&T and Worley across several countries like Oman, Saudi and UAE and thus has industry experience in Construction, Infra, Steel, Oil, and marine-related businesses. He considers himself lucky to have worked in and around Cyclical companies to really know how they work and how value can be created around them for investors

Mr. Rudramurthy

  • CA Rudramurthy B.V. is a chartered accountant and a holder of 5 master degree in the area of finance and control.

  • He is the Founder Director of Vachana Investments Pvt ltd, who are one of the leading members of National stock exchange and Depository Participants of CDSL.

  • He is a qualified technical analyst, who holds a CFT Level-1 degree, from IFTA, USA. H.

  • He features often in CNBC TV18, ETNOW, TV9 and many more business channels as a guest speaker, expressing his views on Investment and financial areas.

Mr. Amit Jain

  • A commerce graduate born in 1979, trading in financial market since 2004 and a full-time trader.

  • Started career as a subbroker. he has done arbitrage in stock markets and as well as in commodity markets. Learnt coding skills to backtest the systems, now an algo trader and runs various algo systems like for option buying, option selling, stock-based trend following, stock based mean reverting etc... Apart from that he does HFT too.

Mr. Puneet Tewani

  • Founder - Fox Trading Solutions & Fund Manager/ Prop Trader

  • Puneet Tewani is a full-time trader. He works with various brokers in India, managing their funds. He is a systematic trader.

  • Puneet has also authored a book on Zerodha's API 'Step by step guide to automation using Zerodha's API', which is availble on Amazon and Fox Trading Solutions Website.

Mr. Yash Raj

  • Over 4 years experience in the trading space, creator of the Entirety Youtube channel.

  • Full time systematic trader and programmer, trading indices, equities and commodities with fully automated, algorithmic based setups.

  • A continuous learner travelled from a novice to Quant trader

  • He has developed quant studies and created algos for his trading systems.

Mr. Ashok DevanamPriya

  • HMr. Ashok Devanampriya is the Founder director of Cautilya Capital.

  • He is a Techno Fundamental Investor, Positional Price Action Trader, GANN Practitioner & an Intraday Algo Trader.

  • He preaches the concept of Techno Fundamental Analysis of stocks to generate better returns and long term growth in Indian equity markets.

  • His robots run automatically without any manual intervention in the intraday setups.

Mr. Saleem gaur

  • Saleem Gaur had an enviable position as a Country head in an MNC firm when he was introduced to the market. After initial hiccups, Gaur followed the path of most resistance – self-learning-- to teach himself the art and science of making money in the market.

  • An avid reader, Gaur immersed himself in over 300 books before he could come up with his trading plan. And since then he has never looked back.

Coding Automation Support

Construction of Backtesting Algorithm and Analysing the Metrics with Python/Amibroker

Trade Automation To send Buy/Sell Orders using Brokers or Third Party Products using INTERACTIVE API to Your Trading/Demat accounts

Creating MarketAnalytics with MARKET DATA FEED API to generate LONG/SHORT signals based on your Strategy Conditions

Running Predefined Scanner across all Equity and Derivative Instruments to generate Screeners based on your custom Requirements


The Passion for Financial Markets brought the like minded people together through Amibroker (AFL) forums, after trading for more than couple of decades Gentlemen Mr. Bharad Rajratnam (Host), Mr. A Rajan (Organizer) went on to build FINTECH products for financial marketplace across the globe and in pursuit of building a healthy professional Trading community forum, desired to bring the programmers/coders turned professional traders whomever is DEEP into the waters of Algo/Automation/Systematic Trading.

Wherefore MARKETSLEAGUE for Professional Traders who can trade using algorithms and QUANTSLEAGUE for Pro-Traders who can build Trading Systems was brought into existence.

Who can attend this Event?

Finding the right stocks with potential CAGR.

Finding the right stocks with potential CAGR.

Finding the right stocks with potential CAGR.

Finding the right stocks with potential CAGR.


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Backtesting Tool:

One month 500 credits (Value ₹ 500)

One month 500 credits (Value ₹ 500)

Backtesting Tool:

Sensibull Pro Subscription 1 Month (Value ₹ 2,999)

Trade automation:

Order Execution & one strategy Automation- support for 45 days.(Api Integration )

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Access to 5 days livestream of 25 speakers Realtime trading session during market hours

Recordings of 5 days event( 25 speakers Realtime trading session during market hours)

Panel discussion with speakers for all 5 days

ACCESS to Expiry Trading Room for 5 days.

Trading automation support for 45 days.

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